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Introduction to Kinematics
Superposition of Waves - Part II
Superposition of Waves - Part I
Kinematics of Projectile Motion
Superposition of Waves Part I
Superposition of Waves Part I

BooksChemistry Teaser

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The H0f for CO2(g),CO(g) and H2Og are -393.5, -110.5 and -241.8 Kjmol-1 respectively.The standard enthalphy change for the reaction
                            CO2(g)+H2(g)-------------->CO(g)+H2O(g)     is
Choose correct answer:


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topMBBScoaching helped me improve fundamentals in Physics.'s Mock AIPMT, AFMC & AIIMS Exams were simply awesome and their personalized recommendations helped me improve my weak areas and crack AIPMT 2010.
Dharna, Delhi

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ZoologyZoology Teaser

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Pseudopodia is a characteristic feature of which class
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Notice BoardPhysics Teaser

Correct Answer Wins topMBBScoaching points
Statement 1: electrons move away from a region of lower potential to the region of higher potential.
Statement 2: since electrons have a negative charge.
Choose correct answer:
Statement 1 is correct , Statement 2  is correct and Statement 2  is its correct explanation of statement 1.
Statement 1  is correct , Statement 2  is correct but Statement 2  is not correct explanation of statement 1.
Statement 1  is correct , Statement 2  is incorrect .
Statement 1  is incorrect , Statement 2  is correct.
Both options are incorrect.
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